....And then I fixed it again!

Sunday, I was listening to MP3s with headphones on. I have it in a
Rhinoskin case with a belt-clip stud on it. I thought I had the device
securely in the belt clip, but it wasn't. It bounced out, and hit the
floor. It must have hit squarely on the headphone jack, because it
knocked loose the jack from the circuit board inside.

Result, no audio from the headphone jack or the internal speaker. The
display, digitizer, and controls seem OK though.

I wasn't bummed too much, because I have a backup Tungsten E for times
just like this.

I just opened the broken one today - it was a nice clean break. The
phono jack just broke from the circuit board at its solder points.
There was no damage to the system board.

I resoldered the jack, and now audio works again (internal and
external). In fact, it seems a little louder and cleaner than it used
to. I got this on in late 2004. I'm really surprised at how fixable it
has been.


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