I have a registered version of 12convert, a Palm "universal" conversion
calculator used to convert miles to kilometres and such.

I have long since lost my registration number.

This wasn't presented as a problem till recently, due to some recent
stuffups, the registration data was removed from the SavedPreferences.prc
file. (Due to corruption I had to scrap and start again).

Now, depending on what I do, it either complains the trial period is over,
or it presents as a trial from scratch. (as one would expect)

I have good stored backups, and if I restore an old backup of
savedpreferences.prc, it works as registered. I don't want to do this
however, because there have been MANY other setup changes since then.

The 'official' website for the product returns 404. The product that WAS in
palmgear, is no longer, and the only google finds since then are either old
mirrored versions, or cracked versions.

I have tried (shock horror) a cracked version, but it doesn't appear to work
correctly. (the pulldown category menu doesn't pulldown).

I have a number of options, but require some help. (in order of preference)

Can the registration data be pulled from the (old) savedpreferences.prc file
and re-entered (and noted!). Or:

Is there another cracked version that works (Treo 650 unlocked). Or:

Is there a 'keygen' for it. Or:

Is there an alternative product with same/similar functionality. The reason
this isn't my first choice is because I have lots of conversion numbers in
there that I'd rather not re-enter if I don't have to.
Linux Registered User # 302622