I have a Treo 650 (Palm 5.4.5) andI seem to be having a problem since
doing the recent system update (Verizon).
(It may predate that -- not sure.)

When I make a change to contact information directly on the Treo, the
updated information is lost when I hit done. No error message is given
-- the info just reverts to prior state. The problem seems to be
specific to just some records -- not all display the problem.

When I change information on my computer, it updates and is saved okay
in the desktop software, but the change is not transmitted to the Treo
during sync.

It does not seem to be an "out of memory" error -- I deleted a bunch
of duplicate records when the problem started. It had no effect. I'm
also able to periodically add contacts -- sometimes the new contacts
are saved, sometimes not.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.