For several years, the only feature of Windows (which I no longer use
on my desktop) I was missing was the nicely printed address booklet
produced by the Palm Desktop. JPilot is a great conduit for Linux, but
its printing backend produces problematic and not-very-nice output, and
works only for the Latin charset in one's contacts. However, my palm
contacts are mostly Russian, and my Russian locale on Linux uses a
different encoding, and my contacts use some custom fields for things
like birthday/url/spouse/middle name... so trying to print it through
anything else, like kontact/evolution/etc. worked well only through the
same jpilot's export into vcf or ldif; and some data was inevitably
lost in transit.

Certainly, this single feature wasn't worth keeping Windows around on
the home desktop and engage in the endless spyware and virus paranoia,
so I never regretted my decision. Still, an itch remained.

Finally, last week I realized that I need not wait for others to print
my contacts for me, and discovered the great Palm::Address Perl module
for extraction of the data from the address book PDB, and the
"directory" latex macro package for a general address book contacts
formatting. The flexibility of the latter package is mind boggling, I
had printed 1 version with a birthday list and a full data (all the
fields and notes) for home use, and just the phone fields for office
use (and the system automatically printed only the contacts that have
such in the latter case).

See and drop me a line if
you like it.