Hi Folks!
I am getting desparate over the following problem:
After the first Hotsync (of my TX) after a fresh reinstall of the
hotsync application on my desktop (WinXP) an unknown ghost disables the
syncing of the calendar in the user-defined conduits management area of

When I turn in on again manually the application (hotsync) shuts down
once I close the menu. When I start the application again (from the
start\... menu) the calendar syncing is either already disabled or it
is after the next attempt to sync the palm.

The only thing that really helps is reinstalling the hotsync
application - unfortunately only for one time (see above). Then it all
starts again.

I am using Palm OS5 together with the latest versions of Agendus
Premier. In addition the application "lifebalance" is inputting in the
built-in Calendar database. I am syncing to the palm desktop
application, not to Outlook.

Does anybody know anything that I can do?

Maaaaaaaaanny thanks in advance,