In article news:, Jeffrey
Kaplan wrote:
> People have been pestering them for a more svelte design. "Lose the
> external antenna". "Make it slimmer". "Put the cards inside the
> casing". Put all of that together and suddenly you're short on space.
> Gotta compromise somewhere, I guess.

The big sticky-out antenna was really inconvenient. I recall switching from
a Nokia phone with an external antenna to the 6310i (the best business GSM
phone ever made bar none) some years ago and being delighted that I was
suddenly able to get the phone out of my jacket pocket without having to
spend so long disentangling the antenna from the pocket lining that the
call had been diverted to voice-mail.

Making the phone slimmer was stupid if it meant compromising on battery
life. The phone is a tool, not a fashion accessory. Most phones on the
market today are too small to hold securely in chubby fingers anyway.

How about an enhanced (bigger) 680 with the T|X screen and all the extra
internal space taken up with a bigger battery? That would be good.

> If only the V:M had a power jack IN THE UNIT, instead of needing a
> separate docking adapter.

Yeah. Stupid. I have just returned from a holiday on which I took my T|T
... I couldn't find my travel charger so I just pulled the transformer from
the desk cradle -- forgetting that the T|T doesn't have a socket to connect
to the transformer directly. I was away for a month and fortunately only
needed to use the T|T a few times (to look up addresses for postcards) and
the battery was still alive when I got home (which is impressive) ... but
I'd have been much happier if I could have recharged it!