We are working on Treo 700wx sprint device. In that on clicking
option button twice the aplhabet key board can be used as numeric
keyboard . In our application on start up we have to make this happen
programatically. So we have used the keybd_event function for making an
key press programatically. This function mainly requires two parameters

They are

1. Virtual Key Code
2. Scan code

by using the pretranslatemessage function we are able to find out the
virtualkeycode .i.e 202 in decimal and (CA) in Hexa Decimal.

In windowsMobile 5.0 pocket pc sdk it we checked for this virtual key
code but (CA) is given as Unassigned.

but for finding the corresponding scan code we used the MapVirtualKey()
but it is returning a value of 0 .and that means no translation.

So we are loosing the scan code information .So can any body tell a
solution how to find the scan code if possible (or) is there any
mathematical way to convert the virtualkey code to the corresponding
Scan code.

If there is no way to find the scan code then what will be the better
way to do this functionality.i.e(clicking the option key two times
programatically when the application is launched).