I recently upgraded from a Tungsten T (Palm OS 5.0) to a
T|X (Palm OS 5.4.9). Everything went pretty smoothly using
export and import to move my data, except I had to manually
move the Note Pad data.

I just found out that the Handheld Notes for the Address Book (now
called Contacts) and the Date Book (now called Calendar) are not on
the handheld unit, though they do show up in the Palm Desktop under
Memos (with the titles "HandheldNote: Address Book" and "Handheld
Note: Date Book").

I can't tell to which Address Book (Contacts) entry or Date Book
(Calendar) entry each note corresponds. I hope this information
is somewhere. I imagine it would be in the last backup from my
Tungsten T, but I don't know how to go about extracting it.

Rob Johnson
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