I use the built-in mail app in my m515. I use HotSync Mail to
synchronize, and it works fine. The only problem I have is that HotSync
Mail opens my mail program every time synchronize. In the setup guide I
can read this:

"The MAPI settings can be found in the Eudora menu bar under
Tools/Options. If Eudora is the only E-Mail application that you use,
select “Always” as the MAPI setting. This will allow you to synchrosize
even if Eudora is not open.

If you use more than one E-Mail application, select “When Eudora is
running,” as the MAPI setting. You will then be able to synchronize only
when Eudora is launched."

So, I tried to install Eudora. But it does not work! Also Eudora opens
when I synchronize.

Okay. My question is; have any of you been able to use HotSync Mail
without the email program opens every time you synchronize? How?

And, if yes, is it possible to get other programs (Thunderbird?) to do
the same?

Thomas Jensen