I have a new Optixplex 745. After I installed the Palm desktop and
hotsync software (for a Samsung i500), the computer crashes when I try
to suspend or hibernate. The screen goes blank and the system unit keeps
running. The only way to recover is holding down the power button. I
suspect it's a Dell problem --- my Thinkpad still suspends and
hibernates after installing the Palm software. If I uninstall the Palm
software and Samsung drivers, everything works fine again.

I have two questions:

1. Has anyone encountered anything like this? Any fixes, workarounds, or
debugging tips? Any configuration changes that might help?

2. The Samsung shipped with desktop version 4.1. Is there a version of
4.1.4 (from the Palm website) that would work with the samsung phone?
I'm thinking that a later version of the software might help.