Omnisoft, a small development company run by one John Cody, found
itself chucked off the Handango web site for, apparently, trying to use
advertising credit won in a raffle.

John Cody is one of a dwindling number of small-scale developers, he
works alone to create and maintain five packages for Windows Mobile
devices and sels them largely through the application aggregation
service run by Handango.

In 2005, Cody won a raffle run by the service entitling him to $5K of
free advertising on the site, a welcome boost for such a small company,
and he immediately scheduled a couple of adverts, one of which
appeared. Not wanting to blow his budget in one go, he waited until he
was considering new releases before trying to schedule some more
advertising. At this point everything started to go wrong.

And I thought Palmgear was bad.

Jeffrey Kaplan
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