I have a problem where I am trying to distribute .pdb files to 10 different
profiles contained on one computer on a random basis and am trying to find a
way to automate the process. This morning when I tried, I thought that if I
just paste the file into the c:\program
files\palmone\profile\quickinstall\handheld directory that the would get
installed. It worked a few times, but now the file just sits there. I don't
know what has changed, but I figured it working before was just a fluke.

Anyway, now I am trying to find a way to push the files using quickinstall
from the commandline (dos prompt). I found out that if I type "c:\program
files\palmone\quickinstall.exe filename.pdb /" and then anything after the
/, the filename will show up in the last used profile in quickinstall. This
only gets me part of the way there however. Is there a way to queue the
install of filename.pdb to all the profiles on the system?

If quick install can't do this, is there another app to do it?