I successfully configured VOIP on my Palm Tungsten C and made calls to
Ireland, Australia and India from the UK.


You will need.

1. Wi-fi enabled Palm with latest OS updates.

2. Access to wireless lan.

3. An electric plug adapter with a USB socket to recharge the Tc.

4. A USB sync cable that plugs into the USB socket on the plug
adapter. Charges the Tc.

5. VOIP software such as Articulation 1.2 from palmgear.com -

6. VOIP provider such as voipcheap -

7. Nokia type earphone with built in speaker that fits the non
standard head phone jack on the Tc. Search the net.

Set-up Instructions.

1. Configure VOIP Provider Account.

Download VOIP provider software to a PC that is connected to the
internet and make some calls on the PC to test the account.

2. Configure Palm for wireless.

Enable wireless on the Palm and connect wirelessly to the internet at
an appropriate wi-fi location. Test internet connectivity using the
web browser or download some mail.

3. Download the trial version of Articulation 1.2.

Install Articulation on the TC and modify the account settings as

Name: vpc
Server: sip.voipcheap.com
Domain: voipcheap.com
Display: yourName
User: your VOIP provider userid
Passwd your VOIP provider password
Sign in tick

Once the settings have been entered Articulation will try and connect
to the sip server and there will be some delay while it logs on and
registers with the remote site. Wait until the plug icon on the top
menu bar indicates successful connection.

Note: If the network administrator has blocked some ports in the 50*
range then VOIP may not work.

4. Plug in the headset and dial out.

This will bring up the voice memo application. Cancel this. Navigate
back to Articulate and dial the number using the numeric keypad. You
should hear a dial tone then ring tones when the other number rings

Voipcheap calls to Australia are free. Yippeee!