I have recently been given one of the older AlphaSmart dana machines.
It has 8MB RAM and 4MB ROM, so is unsuitable for the 1.5 update.
However, I have a Palm SDIO Bluetooth card which can't be recognized by
the version of the firmware currently installed, but I think that a 1.2
update from AlphaSmart will cure this.

I can't find the 1.2 update anywhere. Does anyone still have one of
these files lying around, and if so, could they please let me have a
copy? TIA.

Incidentally, I was a little skeptical about the use of the thing, but
I accepted it on the principle of gift horses and mouths. I like it a
lot for bashing out words, and if I can only get a BT connection to my
phone for email, I shall be very happy indeed.