I have an online survey using Filemaker Pro 8 Advanced web publishing.
I works great in just about any web browser, after a bit of tweaking
the positions of value lists.
However, I cannot find a Palm browser that will display ANY FMP8 pages.

I think there's just too much Java script of something; crashes the
Palm every time.

Blazer (comes with Palm TX, crashes)
AvantGo (crashed the palm)
NetFront (corrupted the palm)
Xiino (nothing displays)

EudoraWeb (text-only Palm browser) will display a text page from FMP 8,

but not anything with forms...page is blank. (But at least this one
does not crash.)

Any suggestions for Palm web browsers that will work with FMP 8 pages?
(email: jamey@stopaids.org)
--Jamey Frank, IT Manager, STOP AIDS Project