I've got a Tungsten C synching with Outlook using Pocketmirror Standard
4.00. But it doesn't! What it does is grab data from Palm Desktop,
and occasionally merge it with the Outlook data. This means that I'm
getting historical records that I've deleted from Outlook re-appearing,
duplications by the bucket-load, and I'm on the point of throwing my
Palm away! After using Palms since I bough my first Pro about a decade

I've tried many many times to stop it. I've reset the Palm. I've
re-installed Pocketmirror. Nada. It always ends up with having to
restore my Outlook pst file from backup as it's so trashed.

Can anyone tell me how I can stop Pocketmirror/Hotsync from grabbing
data from the Palm Desktop?


Andrew Webster