On 2 Sep 2006 09:10:57 -0700, "MingLoo"

>What do you think this one is like:
>I travel a great deal for business. Want best purchase available but
>don't know.
>Here is the bad review:


I think if you look around on the Internet you can find a bad review
on any product on the earth. The reviews I read were in the whole
positive on this device.

My wife and I own 3 Palms, a Zire 21, a M515 and a Tungsten E. We love
them and have not had any problems with them (I did have to replace
the battery in my wife's M515 recently but the old one gave a good
service life). My uncle has a Lifedrive and has had a few problems
with some software not being compatible with it but he loves it
anyhow. He contacted the authors of the software that doesn't work and
has had pretty good luck getting updates that make the software run on
his Lifedrive. My best friend bought a Tungsten E2 after seeing how
happy I was with my T|E. So far he has had zero problems with his. All
the programs he has wanted so far have installed without problems.

My suggestion to you is to look at the specs of the Palms and decide
which fits what you want to do and then buy that Palm. It will be the
"best purchase" for you.

Doug in Kentucky
Nothing remains as constant as change.