Hardly used Palm Modem, Original Box, Modem Lead, CD .

Located in UK

Ebay Item No. 330009872516

Auction ends 27th july.

Very cheap - low starting price.

This Modem has a well designed slide fit onto the back of your Palm PDA.
Released by convenient side buttons. It also has a Hot Sync button for
remote syncronisation.

Compatible with Palm models:

a.. M500
b.. M505
c.. Tungsten T, T2, T3
d.. Tungsten W
e.. Tungsten C
f.. Zire 71

Included in this auction is:

a.. Palm Modem.
b.. Palm modem Connectivity Kit Software CD
c.. Modem Lead
d.. Original Box.
Does not include:

a.. Batteries
b.. User Guide (Too heavy, but can be downloaded from many places: eg.
http://www.bamnet.com/downloads/universal_PalmModem.pdf )
c.. International Telephone connectors.
Items are almost new and used once (maybe twice).

This item was received in error from a retailer and I never found a use for
it. It sat upon my shelf for ages and now I want to get rid of it. Hence the
low price.

Happy Bidding.