Sorry, forgot to include comp.sys.palmtops, where I had cross-posted
yesterday's message.

Harlan Messinger wrote:
> I asked yesterday whether there was a way to configure the Treo 700W to
> wake up when I hold the side button to activate Voice Command while the
> phone is in my belt clip, facing in. No answers as of today, and
> everything I found via Google on the subject said there isn't a way to
> do it.
> The solution: Press both volume buttons and the side button
> simultaneously. Don't hold them, just press them once with a sort of
> three-fingered salute. It's a bit awkward, but it wakes up the phone. It
> also launches the volume control applet, so wait a few seconds for that
> to disappear. Then you can press and hold the side button to use Voice
> Command (assuming you've programmed it for that).