I have tried to "get it" with regards to using my Pocket PC but I have
decided that I'm better off with a paper organizer.

So, I'm selling my Dell Axim X51v which hasn't seen much use.

Here is what I'm selling:

- Axim X51v, 256M ROM, top of the line

- Extended battery

- 4 cases - an aluminum, 2 leather Sena, and 1 magnesium (1 leather
and 1 hard for both batteries).

- Think Outside Bluetooth Keyboard -- works perfectly.

- 1G Compact Flash card

- 128M SD Card

- Extra charge / sync cables.

All for $450 which is probably about half of what I spent on it. The
bluetooth keyboard alone usually goes for $150.

I thought I'd post here before selling it on Ebay.

My e-mail is jrny_of_life@charter.net if you are interested.