I've just bought a Qtek 9100, or HTC Magician. Great. I'd done a little
bit of legwork into the devices and operating systems and foolishly thought
that by now, Windows CE / PocketPC / Windows Mobile / whatever it's
called these days will be significantly improved over and above what it was,
thus, stuff will work.

Actually, overall a decent improvement over WM2003 and previous generations.
Connectivity is a real strength, both from getting stuff set up and of
course using it too. WiFi, Bluetooth - just works (so far).

But why oh why has the notification bug still not been fixed? Why do I have
to fumble around with patches and whatnot for something that rant> should be basic stuff for any PDA.

. I broke two rules with the Qtek 9100; one was never to buy another
PDA with moving parts (*cough* broke that one with the Tungsten T2) and two,
never buy another Microsoft operating system one either. But it was all so
shiny and fully featured in the store. Is there anything else I should
look out for? I guess the usual PocketPC stuff (I can live with), such as
occasional performance hiccups, the odd crash, and similar...

The DervMan