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You have just a few more days to enter our December prize draw! This month
we have a fantastic Palm LifeDrive mobile manager PDA, complete with 4GB
hard drive, to give away. It's worth US$499 or over UKú300.

All DPNow visitors, regardless of country, are eligible to enter this month!

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General board
Use this board for general discussion about digital photography topics. But
don't forget our other subject-specific boards too.

Help me board
If you have a problem that needs help in solving, use this board and, with
luck, our own experts plus the many dpnow expert visitors will come to your

Photo critique gallery
Use this board for posting your images to gain feedback concerning various
aspects of fundamental quality, be it artistic or technical. Only post
images to this board if you are prepared to accept honest and, sometimes,
tough critique!

DSLR discussion
This board is for discussion specifically about digital SLR cameras, lenses
and system accessories.

Printer discussion
If you want to read about the photo printing experiences and advice of
others, or to share your own thoughts on photo printing, use this board.

News debate
On this board you can comment on breaking news related to digital
photography. Comment on news dpnow publishes as well as news revealed in
other sites and publications.

For sale/wanted
For photography items you are looking to buy or sell, post details on this
board. There are specific terms and conditions for posting on this board.

Reviews debate
If you have any questions, comments - even criticisms - of any of our
product reviews, here's where to make them known.

Non-photography board
Photography isn't everything - so here's a discussion board for debating
interesting issues not directly related to photography.

Affordable DSLRs
The place to exchange views on Digital DSLRs and accessories on a tight

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