I just got a Fujitsu PoqetPad Plus. Does anyone out there have any
information or experience beyond what's at
http://www.bmason.com/PoqetPC/ ?

In particular:
1) Can I get modern Compact Flash cards to work, using a CF-to-PCMCIA
2) Mine has no E: RAM drive. Can I install one?
3) Will the infrared port talk to a Windows laptop?
4) What are the "metal contacts" (that's all the user's manual says
about them) next to the infrared port for?
5) Does anyone have a source for serial or keyboard connectors /
cables for this machine?
6) Are there special requirements for SRAM cards, or would most any
7) Has anyone successfully modified the built-in Flash drive (D
8) What's it take to make a bootable card?
9) Does it matter whether the SRAM card or the Flash card goes in A:
or B:?
10) Has anyone ever disassembled the PCMCIA driver(s)?