Now- I'm using an older PEG-T665C... so may not apply to all Clie

but...I'm surprised how many people have had the same hotsync problem
in the groups here. I saw one post about doing a soft reset while jsut
holding the UP button (apparently it bypasses startup programs). I had
been trying everythign else, even hard resets, and resintalled th
desktop software, nothgin worked.

Well, I held that up button, did soft reset. It came up in the
PREFERENCES window (it appeared to be ina SAFE mode- like a
low-resolution mode) I then hit the hotsync button, and it worked
PERFECTLY... I then did another regualr soft reset to get back to
nroaml, and it still is syncing. I don't know exaclty what happened,
but it's worth a shot!