meldub aszonygya:
:damage). Looked at all the options (including another C) and ended up
:with an HP 4705 -- high end and expensive option, but it seems to have
:everything (including better battery than most Win OS, wireless,
:bluetooth, and a thumb board accessory). The unit is waiting for me
:when I return home next week from Europe, and I will post my reactions
:at my blog. But I guess the bottom line is that I liked theC and would
:have done it again if I had not had a 'history' with it and if there
:wasn't the 4705 option.... I am going to miss the palm os....

Please tell us about the built-in and 3rd party software available for the HP

Any good IMAP e-mail reader? Any ssh program? Any good web browser? Any good
text editor? Any [Palm style] DOC reader? Any good database?

Thanks, PaulN