I really liked my T|C -- even bought one for my daughter. Mine had to g
through repairs/replacement process too many times, however, an
eventually it had a freakish run-in with my mobile phone that resulte
in a bizarre display issue that was the last straw -- and so I decide
to replace it (see my write up a
(http://tinyurl.com/4mbxm) it links back to original story and pics o
damage). Looked at all the options (including another C) and ended u
with an HP 4705 -- high end and expensive option, but it seems to hav
everything (including better battery than most Win OS, wireless
bluetooth, and a thumb board accessory). The unit is waiting for m
when I return home next week from Europe, and I will post my reaction
at my blog. But I guess the bottom line is that I liked theC and woul
have done it again if I had not had a 'history' with it and if ther
wasn't the 4705 option.... I am going to miss the palm os...

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