Gregg Wood**** wrote:

> Our plan to fight top-posting in a reasonable manner is as follows:
> 1: The placement of the signature is hard-coded to be at the bottom of all
> included quoted text (we would consider modifying this for the "forward"
> operation but currently haven't).
> 2: The initial placement of the cursor is hard-coded to be immediately
> before the signature delimiter (i.e. between the quoted text and .sig).
> 3: If no text is highlighted, no text is included (i.e. it does not by
> default include all the text in this case).

I know I'm coming into this a bit late, but you might consider.....

4: Add option to hide/mute quoted text.
5: Add option to scroll past quoted text.

This has the advantage of being "eye-candy" (of a sorts) AND satisfying
those that don't wish to view quoted text. Given the limited screen
real estate for a hand held device, both options seem quite desirable.

(BTW -- if you add an option to hide the quoted text, then when quoting,
unless there is a selection, the entire article, including the hiden
text, should be quoted).

"Everything is futile." -- Marvin of Borg