As shown the unit works great and includes a case and PC card modem.

These little palmtops are really nice. As shown I already have a
Jornada 720 and cannot substantiate using this over that. This Palmtop
most definately has better PIM apps, a far more sophisticated database,
and might be more powerful. The unit ships with Quicken (not Pocket
Quicken but DOS Quicken), laplink Remote a app for connecting to VT100
shells, and much more! I'm not sure how to use DOS to connect to the
Internet, so maybe a expert can assist here.

These units sell for like $200-$300 on The RAM is 2MB.

I think $100 + shipping would be a fair deal.

Send paypal payment to It will probably cost
about $10 to ship in the USA. If you are an international buyer, then
please email me.

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