Ray Ingles napsal(a):

>>...and a driver for UniversalWirelessKeyboard.

> Check for updated drivers there. A bit of Googling turned up problems
> with the T3 and that item.

Just FYI, I'm the one who posted a working solution for T3 to the
PalmOne support forum :-)

> I *didn't* say that. I said that the GUI is "often inherited from a
> desktop." Word and Outlook, for example, were designed with bigger
> screens in mind, and had to be shoehorned into a smaller space for
> their Pocket equivalents.

Fortunately I personally don't mind having only the skelet of the
document available in the PDA. Some of the functions of for example
Docs2Go (like the ability to sync a document that's been updated both on
a desktop AND the PDA) aren't important to me. But I really miss a
working system level national support in the PalmOS.

>>You're obviously forgetting what are today's PDA's used for. When you
>>market a PDA and say it's capable of replacing ones notebook computer
>>(which is exactly what PalmOne states on the T3 and T5 flyers), you'll
>>very quickly come to a conclusion that a beefed-up organizer doesn't
>>stand up to the task.

> I'm not in marketing. My Handera 330 meets all my needs better than
> more recent devices. (One biggie... battery life is orders of magnitude

Guess you "like" the marketing departments as much as I do :-)

> greater.) It almost certainly wouldn't meet *your* needs. I told the OP

About a year ago it would have, and with some limitations it still might
now. But I'd have a big problem getting used to a slower device :-( If
only the T3 wasn't that much buggy :-(

The last easy day was yesterday.