Thanks for all the info and advice. In my brief - but uninformed - look at
what was available I was considering the Dell Axim. Either the X30 or the
X50v because of the better graphics. I am however uncomfortable purchasing a
PDA "sight unseen" since these can apparently only be purchased direct from

Any ideas about them?

Thanks again.


Jeff Stevens
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"Sam Lipoff" wrote in message
> Well, any Palm OS PDA meets the first five of your needs because of the
> wealth of third party software that exists for database and spreadsheet
> applications. It sounds like the Tungsten | E would be a fine choice,
> as would the T3, T | C, and the Sony Clie TH55 (the last two include
> WiFi as well) or just about any Palm OS machine!
> If you really do need CF expansion, the venerable HandEra 330 would be
> the most obvious choice, but if you want a newer PDA you could try the
> Sony NX-70V, although you'd need to get a hold of the EruWare CF Driver
> to use the CF slot for memory expansion (rather than for the optional
> Sony WiFi card).