Similar to the concern about the screen protector, I strongly recommend
if you are mechanically inclined to disassemble the unit by removing
the rear and then the side screws to cleaning the PDA to remove dust
and dirt. I have had the same trouble on Palm III, Visor, Visor Plus,
and Edge that could not be resolved except by a little cleaning.

I am very rough with my PDAs and they get dirty in my front pocket.

Marek Stanek wrote:
> Tom napsal(a):
> > Hi,
> >
> > after having used my old Visor Edge a lot, it recently showed touch
> > screen malfunction. No matter where I put the pen down, it appear

> > detect the upper right corner as tapped position. Which means in

> > programs the local menu came on.
> >
> > Three kinds of reset are mentioned in the manual. I went through

> > of them all the way to the hardest erasing all memory. On startup,

> > asked for digitizer calibration, where it looped forever,

> > because it always still detected upper left corner.
> >
> > I then decided to bring it even deeper into reset by completely
> > draining the battery. I was able to do so by restting it one more

> > and leaving the initial question (erase all?) on the screen for

> >
> > Then after a recharge, the unit came up and the digitizer worked

> > Next was restoring all memory contents from the PC.
> >
> > Thought this might be useful information for some of you. Now go
> > ahead, buy broken Palms on Ebay, fix them and sell them as working

> >
> > - Tom, Germany

> If you have a screen protector, make sure it isn't stuck between a
> display and the case edge. It could push on the touchscreen and
> continuously produce a tap&hold at that spot.
> Mark