Fibre2fashion had initiated a beta service called Software Solutions
that can help the software buyers and software providers to get
connected in a more efficient manner. This site has been out of beta
recently. The site combines news, articles & events aggregation,
commentary from industry experts, user-generated content, case-
studies, articles, product show-case, etc. is a premier B2B portal for Apparel, Textile,
Fashion and Retail industry. This portal gets more than 1.5 million
visitors every month. The industry that this portal focuses on is
highly fragmented, and participates in both vertically and
horizontally integrated activities. For example, a textile company can
be vertically integrated by engaging in such activities as Enterprise
Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management or Supplier
Relationship Management. Textile companies also often engage in
horizontally - oriented activities by outsourcing part of their
operation to a sub - contractor. As this particular sector is
fragmented and thus IT is used entirely differently for doing business
than if the market was made up of a few big companies.

This portal aims at providing its members with a sense of community
through informative content about products, services, business, and
industry. As a trusted infomediary for the focused vertical it is also
engaged in an ongoing research to keep a track of the IT usage within
this global market segment in order to identify new opportunities to
add value to the firms. This portal is a focal point to channel
traffic into the websites of product / service providers in the
designated industries.

The site arranges its content to be used by two distinct categories of
visitors: Software buyers and Software providers. The software buyers
benefit by reading informative content in the form of articles, case
studies, white papers. They can also keep themselves updated about the
latest news and events. Most importantly they can view the product
show case and look out for the products of their interest and request
proposals from the solution providers. The software providers gain
advantage by listing their products and promoting content in the forms
of articles, case studies, and white papers to convey marketing
message to the prospective buyers. They can also benefit by opting for
membership & advertising solutions.

The uniqueness of this site is in terms of its ability to blend and
present vertical-specific content with general software solutions.
This blending makes it useful not only for visitors belonging to
textile, apparel, fashion, retail, and allied industries but also to
visitors belonging to different verticals. At the same time this
leverages software vendors to address additional segments through a
single platform.

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