I know that many more systems will be supported with eCS 2.0, but I was
wondering if any current servers work with the current eCS 1.2R release.
As I am looking for one with SCSI RAID if the motherboard includes such a
function that supports RAID 5 equivalent or better it would be even
better. If not I guess I would want to use an IBM ServeRAID-6M controller
unless someone is aware of a more recent RAID adapter that is supported by
eCS 1.2R SMP.

I have not found a comprehensive list of such equipment, so I would
appreciate such a pointer. I have taken a bit of a stab at the list of
hardware at http://en.ecomstation.ru/hardware.php, but unless I am missing
a way to narrow down the list to those of interest this is a tedious task
that I gave up on after a few pages. Of course I would be quite happy to
be corrected in this matter if there is such a way available.

I have tried out eCS 2.0 RC2 on a few systems, but I would need to be a
bit more conservative with this server. So unless eCS 2.0 is just around
the corner I will need to depend upon eCS 1.2R for the server.

Thanks in advance for any assistance in this matter.

-- Dave