I had a working Perl 5.8.0 on my old system, which died on a head crash,
and I'm trying to install Perl 5.8.8 or 5.10.0 Perl on my new system. The
wpi files don't seem to be making all necessary changes to config.sys, and
I'm having trouble installing modules from CPAN.

What I've seen so far includes:

Not updating PATH to reflect where perl.exe was installed.

Not updating LIBPATH.

Not including a correct SET PERLLIB_PREFIX= line. I tried


and it almost worked, but see below.

No manual in INF format.

Installing modules from CPAN fails with

[H:\vendors\cpan\Regexp-Common-2.120]perl makefile.pl
Warning: PERL_LIB (/perl5/lib/5.10.0) seems not to be a perl library
(Exporter.pm not found) at
F:/PROGRAMS/PERL/LIB/5.10.0/ExtUtils/MM_Unix.pm line 1727.
Have F:/PROGRAMS/PERL/LIB/5.10.0/os2/Config.pm expected
Your perl and your Config.pm seem to have different ideas about the
architecture they are running on.
Perl thinks: [os2]
Config says: [os2]
This may or may not cause problems. Please check your installation of
if you have problems building this extension.
Note (probably harmless): No library found for -lsocket

If I add F:\moztools to the path and try make, I get

make: *** No rule to make target `/perl5/lib/5.10.0/os2/Config.pm',
needed by `Makefile'. Stop.

even if I specify perl makefile.pl LIB=f:\PROGRAMS\PERL\lib.

So, what do I need to do to get the makefile.pl generate a correct
makefile in eComstation?

Shmuel (Seymour J.) Metz, SysProg and JOAT

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