Team Trier Collection Anniversary Edition - 10 Years Team OS/2 Region
Trier e.V.

One more thing we thought, so we made a Anniversary Edition of our TTC,
as always full with shareware-, freeware- und opensource-software.

In addition we have some highlights on the DVD:

* eComStation 2.0RC including a special upgrade option to eComStation
2.0GA (This offer is for eComStation 1.2 owners only; there is no
eComStation key included in this DVD)
* OpenOffice 1.1.5 with license key including a special upgrade
option to OpenOffice 2.4
* Papyrus 2008 Demo including a special offer for purchasing
Papyrus 2008 (german only)
* RSJ 6.0 Demo including a special offer for purchasing RSJ 6.0

The Anniversary Edition is limited to 100 DVDs, will cost 10 EUR and is
available only at WarpStock Europe 2008 in Düsseldorf.

The revenue from selling the TTC will be used completely, i.e. not being
reduced by any costs and material costs, to support OS/2 projects.

You can use the well known HTML interface to browse the contents of the
DVD and view the descriptions for the programs. We have updated the
interface for the anniversary edition.

Descriptions are at large in English, but the interface itself and the
common help texts are available both in English and German.

Have fun,

your Team OS/2 Region Trier
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