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Hello All.

I have 2 OS/2 machines and 1 ECS2 machine. NetDrive v3.1 on all. On the ECS
machine, NetDrive or the OS return the actual amount of space available on the
Samba shares as well as the non-Samba resources. On the 2 OS/2 machines it
returns 252,837,888 bytes free, regardless of how much is free. Makes my
backup program (BackAgain/2000-WS) barf when doing a full backup of any drive.
In the IBMLAN.INI the heuristic is set to return the true drive size to DOS/WIN
programs, but of course that doesn't make much difference for the OS/2 network
drives, all of which return the same 252,837,888 bytes of free space,
regardless of real space in excess of that number.

What do you think I may be able to do to have NetDrive return the actual drive
free space on the Samba shares?

What about the actual free space on the non-Samba resources? What am I missing

The OS/2 machines are Warp 4.52 (Conv.Pk. 2 FP5 Kernel 14.104a)

Best regards,
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