eCo Software is the largest developer of software and drivers
on eComStation market today,
we are obligated to share our experience with other developers

Welcome to Warpstock Europe 2008 -> DEV03 -- Developer Connection

Please use new Message box, Progress bar to improve the usability of
modern eComStation applications.
(Inform us if you are planning to use this controls)

DevCon site is updated --

eCo Software engineers have collected new notes:
* new: (OS architecture) // help us to collect old docs
* new: Point of sale (Special groups of applications) // help us to
create a toolkit

* add: Compilers: GCC 4.x.x, FreePascal 2.2.2, WDSibyl 3.11
* add: Font anti-aliasing, useful links to articles (Fonts)
* add: Read/write ports from Ring3 (Device drivers)
* add: How to create dll for other developers (Creation of DLL)
* add: More Internet libraries (Internet libraries)
* add: Video libraries: info about libkva library
* add: Sound libraries: info about libdart library
* add: Guidelines: popup menu, radio button, listbox
* add: Mission of developer (Mission of developer)
* add: How to develop good widget for eCenter? (eCenter)
* add: Additional information about KEE (Device drivers development)
* add: How to design PM applications (Guidelines: Application)
* add: SYSLEVEL (System information)
* add: How to adjust colors of bitmaps to current color scheme?

Your participation: (your notes/articles are integrated to the site,
we write your name below the add-on):
* Help us to collect information how to design POS (Point of Sale, how
to draw color buttons, recommendations, etc.)
* What do you recommend, how to use standard control elements?
(section: Guidelines: Base control elements)

You can sell your program only if:
* if you publish the announcement (announcement of new versions).
Remember the experience of JUne.
* if you publish the reviews of your program. (successful experience
of General Network Utilities).
* Why a developer can't execute a contract? "harddisk is small or not
enough memory". please calculate: it's better to invest 100 dollars
into the hardware, to get the reward for your project 1000 dollars.