Which features to implement in eComStation v.next? Share your ideas:
* Perfect eComStation -- http://forum.ecomstation.ru/viewforum.php?f=8
(50 requests)
* I need new applications -- http://forum.ecomstation.ru/viewforum.php?f=14
(30 requests)

Welcome to Warpstock Europe 2008 (November 14 to 16) --

Evolutionary sprint presentation (ALL06) will answer to your
Q1: What are the goals of eCS community and the purpose of
Q2: How do you influence on eComStation?
Q3: How to attract new users and companies to eComStation market?
Q4: What's new in 2008? What is the plan for 2009 .. 2010?
Q5: How to accelerate the processes?
Q6: How to develop successful applications, what do users need?
Q7: What do you expect in eComStation 3.0?

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