Your machine doesn't work correctly with eComStation? Take it to
Warpstock Europe! The Mensys team will attend to the problem on-site. In
case an issue cannot be resolved during the event, debug information
will be collected for later processing.

To improve the handling compared to Warpstock Europe 2007, the team will
be available 4 hours a day in the exhibition room at fixed times. The
exact times are not available yet since they depend on the presentation
schedule which is still under way.

Please note that due to the ongoing development, the service can only be
offered for eComStation 2.0 RC5. Alas, installation from USB CD-ROM
drives and on ASUS EEE PCs cannot be supported.

If you are going to take the offer, please be sure to contact Mensys at prior to the event and include a detailed
problem report.

The ninth Warpstock Europe conference will be held at the City Hostel,
Germany from November 14 to 16. Warpstock is an annual conference for
the OS/2 and eComStation operating systems and related technology. It is
dedicated to information, education, support, and exchange and addresses
users, developers, and software vendors. To achieve these goals, the
event offers seminars and workshops, exhibition areas, and room for
personal exchange.

More information is available at:

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