Version 0.5 of the Workplace Sans TrueType font has been released.

Please read the note below before installing.

Workplace Sans is a light condensed sans-serif TrueType font with Unicode

This font has been carefully designed to resemble, as much as possible,
the OS/2 bitmap font "WarpSans". This resemblance is at its best when
displayed on-screen at 9 point/120 dpi, or 11 point/96 dpi.

With version 0.5, I have embarked on a fairly extensive re-tooling of
Workplace Sans. Most of the glyphs are a lot cleaner and more regular
in appearance now (although still not perfect).

I decided to recreate the font file from scratch, and add each glyph as I
redesigned it. Version 0.5 represents the first milestone in this effort.

Version 0.5 of Workplace Sans does NOT support all of the characters that
were included in the previous versions. At present, only the Latin-1
character set (basically, OS/2 codepages 850 and 819) are supported.

Alex Taylor
Fukushima, Japan

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