The engineers of eCo Software prepared new materials for the software

Developer Connection site --

* eCo Software runtime --
* eCo Software Toolkit is updated --
(new libraries, updated h/lib/samples)

* Multilanguage library Lange: LANGE FAQ is published
* Graphics libraries: Links/description of WO!, Dive, SDL
* Review of databases is updated.
* Device drivers: memory mapping (physical to linear)
* New module: eSysInfo -- query system information
* information about Unicode

* The experience shows, start short-term eCS projects (1-3 monthes),
don't plan long-term projects (1/2 - 1 year).
* So.. How to create large program? Use modules and libraries, use
black boxes (algoritms) from linux. Pay attention to Additional
control elements (use templates, new controls as LEGO-like bricks to
create new applications in 1 day)

What to develop? Users need:
* forum 1 --'>
* forum 2 --