Hey folks...

I'm here to just raise awareness for a really good use of spare CPU
cycles called Folding@home. Your CPU(s) and GPU(s) can become a part of
Stanford University's research into simulating how various proteins
"fold" together and what the effects will be. This research can be
applied to many purposes, such as mapping the human genome or
researching causes of such things as Alzheimer's disease.

*There is no OS/2 client available*, but most OS/2 users have access to
a Win32 or Linux machine to run the software. OS/2 users don't play
games with their machines, and generally use Win32 machines as little as
possible, so chances are we have a lot of spare CPU cycles to give. ;-)

Consider joining the project and joining the "OS/2" team (team 33889).
Maybe if there's enough of us we can ask for a native client.

If you're interested, here's the link to get started and learn about the


(I'm not speaking in any official capacity for anyone, I just think it's
a good use of CPU time.)


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