Under Ecom 2.0Rc1 , when WinCreateHelpInstance() doesn't find the required
help file (MyPROG.HLP for example in hi_help.pszHelpLibraryName ), it
pop-ups a message (even if DosError(0); was called before it.
Then it returns a handle and no error code in hi_help.ulReturnCode .

This doesn't not conform to the reference guide for IPF calls.
No pop-up should be issued after DosError(0);
A return code should be present in hi_help.ulReturnCode
The returned handle should be NULL.

This behaviour doesn't allow the program to take required steps to fix the

I have tested the same sequence under Warp 4 , MCP2 and MCP2 C005. These
systems work correctly with respect to this problem.

To reproduce the problem on your system, you can get any of my os/2 games
under http://dvalot.chez-alice.fr/games.htm , switch to a language other
than "English", press F1.
On a correct system, the program switch to English help (no other help file
is provided). On Ecs2.0-rc1, a pop-up is issued for the missing language
help file.