I am once again trying to figure out why Server to Peer file copy is so
very slow:
a) File server is OpenBSD with samba server package installed. All
data files i use reside there.
b) While logged onto OS/2 peer, copied 12 Mb file from file server.
Elapsed time was 2:14 (2 min, 14 sec). Used "timer 1 on && copy .... &&
timer 1 off" command structure. The transfer rate was 92 kb/sec
c) While logged onto OpenBSD workstation, copied same 12 Mb file from
file file server. The file server and workstation use NFS. The
transfer rate was 560 kb/sec, or 6 times faster.

What should i look at to understand why the transfer rate OS/2 <-> file
server is so very low?? The NICs in both machines are essentially the
same. I run a 10 Mb LAN through several hubs. The OS/2 and BSD
machines connect to the same hub.

/ John

Regards / JCH