On Sat, 9 Aug 2008 00:08:15 UTC, "PaulRS"

> Is there a correct way of removing Extened Attributes?

The file 'EA DATA. SF' itself is nothing than a placeholder for
filesystems like FAT to reserve blocks used by EAs.

EAs are used intensively by the WPS in conjuction with ehe os2*.ini.
Rubbing them up has higly influences against the desktop and its

Some OS/2 programs uses EAs too to store side information to to the
data they manage.

Anyway there is nothing that uses the file 'ea data. sf' on its own
except the filesystem itself. But the WPS and some OS/2 programs using
os2*.ini to hold links into the secors occupied by the 'ea data. sf'
to access the specific EA.

So it may give strange behavior of the WPS or some application when
'ea data. sf' gets destroyed behind the users of the EAs.

MDOS/WINOS2 knows nothing about EAs and theyr existence! So it is
mstenly absolitely riskless to rmove the whole file from the root
directory of a drive when no app that uses EAs of theyr own is active.
The WPS will recreate the file whenever it tries to write them with
default valuses.


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