eComStation supports any USB flashdisk. Attention: it should be
prepared for (from) eComStation.

eCo Software created a site how to prepare flash disks (russian

Short list of suggestions:
* Start from review: USB Removables Care and Feeding FAQs (by Lon
Hooker) --
* Use LVM to create the volume. Don't use Windows tools.
* If LVM doesn't allow you create a volume then use (ALVM, Avalanche
LVM) --
* If eComStation traps after flash eject then post bug-report to
FAT32 bug-tracker. Use JFS filesystem (eComStation 2.0). post bug-
report --
-> [New ticket]
Register to Login --
don't use short name&password, save your password
* If eComStation doesn't boot with USB Flash disk attached then
install updated USBD.SYS (was available during some days in BETAZONE,
spring 2008)
* How to increase speed of read/write to USB flash disk? Read USB
* Reports about tested USB flash disks --
* Does eComStation supports USB Harddisks? Yes (40 .. 500Gb), less
troubles than with flash disks.

Post addons to eCo Software support service --