I've successfully used Hyperhost and HyperAccess Pro for OS/2 for years for
remote desktop maintenance and other things. But never until now wanted to
operate a remote Desktop Application and have it print not on the HHost box,
but on the connected HAPro box.

How do I do that? I'm connecting with the remote system via TCP/IP for this
operation. I'm familiar with using OS/2 PEERLAN to let me 'print' from a
workstation by selecting the network printer on the workstation, then having it
go to the printer that is on the PEERLAN server for the attached workstation
printing desired.

I've read the manual for the Hilgraeve products. I think I understand how
'capture to printer' would work for text produced on the HHost, perhaps. But
what I want to do is to run an application on the HHost, have that application
print automatically on the HAPro box just as if I were there at the HHost site.
This is, however, pure text mode things I expect to print.

Any help here?



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Mike Luther