Can eCS have some kind of software catalogue built-in, and/or a way to
install apps without writing a zillion INSTALL.CMDs?

Real problems encountered: still using Netscape 4.61, but having to
find out here that there's a great non-official version of Mozilla.
It would be nice to have a list of available updates and optionally
replace existing versions by choice (hint: MS Office update facility,
but for more apps than just a few).

Having 8 eCS pc's with the same installation, but also having to do
perform the same install 8 times. The pc's may vary, but apps not.
I'ld like to maintain just 1, and update the others with all manual
steps. E.g.: download MOZILLA3.WPI, install it in P:\INET, make it
the default browser, use a custom icon, associatie *.htm files with
Netscape for local file browing, delete C:\ECS\APPS\MOZILLA\*. That
cannot be done with SOFTWARE.TXT, I'ld say.