Raymond Karczewski wrote:

>That is the only avenue they have left. They will not answer the
>questions of Jurisdiction over this Living Breathing,
>Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural man for the last six years..
>See;http://www.arkenterprises.com/dialch91.html#AMERICA. Their only
>venue open to them is to wait for Martial Law to take me out as a
>"Paper Terrorist". They have STONEWALLED THE QUESTIONS OF
>Jurisdiction both in and out of court since Sept 5th, 2002. They
>can only carry their criminal agenda because a mind controlled
>public is a docile public. Ask yourselves why would Josephine County
>judges and prosecutors bent on railroading one through two unlawful,
>unconstitutional trials ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to answer questions of
>Jurisdiction over anyone who is forcibly arrested at gunpoint, and
>brought before the courts to stand trial. Where is justice to be
>found when the prosecutors and judges will not even follow the law
>by proving jurisdiction "in writing" as the present law dictates.
>Only in Josephine County!! see:
>http://www.arkenterprises.com/kooklink "Why do you need another
>to endorse your authenticity." ? Not my problem, is it? Nor is it
>the problem of anyone who truly understands the price of freedom.
>Only dilletantes make issues out of such matters." I suggest one
>cannot find justice in any Josephine County Oregon Court when the
>Judges and Prosecutors do not follow the Law. My two cases,
>(02CR0617 and 03CR0170) are Watershed Cases in American
>Jurisprudence regarding the self-protection and coverups routinely
>conducted by government and its fraud-dispensing courts concerning
>the multi-billion dollar Driver License scam being currently
>perpetrated against the highway "travelling" American Public. While
>dilletants speculate and complain about government matters they have
>no direct experience of, I speak of direct experience. Is it Harsh?
>Is it disturbing? Is it government stripped of its Public Relations
>mask? YOU BET IT IS!! People of Josephine County, Prove for
>yourself what I have said is True or not. DEMAND that Josephine
>County Stephen D. Campbell, and/or any of the Judges presiding over
>your courts answer the 23 questions of JURISDICTION over which the
>State of Oregon and COUNTY OF JOSEPHINE have defaulted in answering
>some 21+ times, respond point by point the questions under oath or
>affidavit upon their own private unlimited Commercial liability.

Classic sophistry, Kazoo. Classic paranoia.

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