The sense information is rather specific, I'm afraid. Even the
"translation" says that it is a CRC error. The sense codes (SK/ASC/ASCQ)
could give you more information where the CRC has been diagnosed
(reading media or transferring data over IDE bus). Also be remembered
that only busmaster diagnoses transfer errors.

For further analysis I would simply try all PIO and DMA modes accepted
by the driver (use /80WIRE tag). Because the drive has onboard cache and
you are reading, you will not get overruns. You could even tweak the
adapter a little with some timing parms (/PCLK possible with Dani's.

Trying a IDE PCI card might also give you more informations about the
source of the problem.



Ilya Zakharevich wrote:
> [A complimentary Cc of this posting was NOT [per weedlist] sent to
> Paul Ratcliffe
> ], who wrote in article :
>>> Errors are during reading. Even with dvddao (in ASPIROUTE mode).

>> What errors?

> Depend on the application. If reading the filesystem, the error is
> not very informative. If reading DVD sectors directly, one gets a
> similarly generic error
> Error : Sense on 0x28 cmd : SK 0x04 ASC 0x08 ASCQ 0x03 (LOGICAL UNIT
> Error : Src: Cant read 32 blocks (total 32 failed) at pos 1312 (ets
> 1): 31
> Error : Cant read enough data (2686976 of 16777216 done) from <>
> source
> Error : Read only 2686976 bytes of 16777216 requested. rc 31
>> Why do yo never post any useful information?

> Sigh; some people just never learn to read...
>>> ASPIROUTE is 11-15-01.

>> That means nothing. If that refers to some unspecified date format where I
>> guess you mean the year is 2001, then you are on an ancient old version.
>> Why do you find it so difficult to post a BLDLEVEL string?

> OK, if you are so smart:
> File ASPIROUT.SYS has no LAN component-style version string.
> No driver EA's were found
> Thanks for your valuable attention,
> Ilya
> P.S. Reading the code of ASPIROUT.SYS, I see
> ASPI Router V1.1 Beta 5 Copyright (c) Paul Ratcliffe Nov. 2001
> I see there is a newer version on Hobbes. Will report.